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What is ICRS?

The Integrative Clinical Research Solutions (ICRS) is a digital learning center of the 21st century where no tables are left unturned for students’ growth and learning.

The ICRS welcomes all those interested in a career in clinical research and foreign-trained healthcare professionals who are interested to start their careers here in the US.

We firmly believe that everyone has a career path destined for them, and ICRS is dedicated to helping you find yours.

Courses and Services

For Individuals

At ICRS, we understand the difficulties a new graduate or a foreign-trained professional may experience when looking for a position in a healthcare field. Even those with a degree/diploma in the relevant field may encounter difficulties. It may be hard to land a position without prior experience.

At ICRS you can learn and gain the experience you need to progress in your professional field. After the successful completion of the course at ICRS, not only do you learn the field requirements, but you also gain experience. We provide references after courses and practice exam completion.

ICRS is the platform for current and future health care professionals who want to improve their skills and advance their career.


For Organizations

ICRS offers professional services for CROs, private research practices, and other research organizations.  Those services include creating the Essential Documents for trial conduct; Audit, and Inspections. Our specialists at ICRS are experts in creating the following documents:  

  • Informed Consent Forms (ICF’s)
  • Subject Logs
  • Participant Information Sheets
  • Source Documents
  • Case Report Forms (CRF’s)
  • Screening, Enrollment Logs
  • Recruitment, Randomization Logs
  • Study document
  • Serious Adverse Event Form/Safety Report
  • IRB submission Tracking Log
  • Investigational Product Accountability Log
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes Forms (PRO)
  • Specimen Tracking Log
  • Delegation of Authority Log
  • Other

Take the first step towards


Your dream healthcare career with ICRS

Learn on the go with experienced professionals and turn your dreams into reality with convenience and quality career guidance from our mentors.

Whether you are searching for the right career path or looking for options to advance your skills, ICRS is a perfect choice for you.

What is important to know



You don’t need to leave your home to complete the courses. We use internet technology to provide the training in online meeting rooms.


ICRS’s instructors have dedicated professionals with at least 5 years of field experience. They take pride in training ICRS students and helping them to become valuable members of the clinical team


The instructors at ICRS are educated clinicians, nurses, research associates who are working at hospitals, clinics, and CROs. They are knowledgeable and will provide you with up-to-date information you need to know starting your career.


ICRS courses designed for working professionals. All classes are live, online, and held outside of normal office hours. We offer group and individual courses. You can choose your own schedule and complete the course at your own pace.

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Why Choose ICRS?

Convenience Is Our Priority

ICRS provides students with convenient education so that they can learn on the go. Our flexible programs allow students to learn and attend classes at times that are convenient for them.

Top-Notch Career Assistance

ICRS provides students individualized professional development assistance to help them shine in their respective career paths. Moreover, students are also enriched with resume-making help and field experience to familiarize them with the work environment.

Unique resources of ICRS

ICRS offers a good range of courses to choose from and provides full support to its students. With ICRS’s unique resources, each student can embark on their learning journey and live a unique educational experience.

Learn With Industry Experts

Our team of mentors and lecturers comprises highly qualified professionals with vast experience in the industry to provide you with a hands-on learning experience.  The mentors and instructors are dedicated to helping students acquire extraordinary skills and knowledge.

Do you have a degree related to healthcare from anywhere in the world?

Who Should Attend?

Foreign-trained healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals with overseas diplomas & certifications: doctors, nurses, life scientists, laboratory technicians, and others.

Mid-career professionals

You are planning to change your career path and are a professional with a science degree or any other healthcare-related degree. 

Student and graduates

You want to get your foot in the door or get considered seriously but don’t know where to start. Graduates from the allied health courses and students in the science field are encouraged to apply.

You can do it!

Which courses are offered?

ICRS provides a wide range of courses that anyone from a beginner to an advanced level expert can intake to enhance their learning. Following is a glance at the courses we offer

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CRC course for beginners

This course is specifically designed to provide students basic training tailored to the CRC’s fundamental role in the conduct of clinical trials. The course is ideal for developing a comprehensive understanding of clinical research basics and the clinical research coordinator’s (CRC) job functions. Foreign-trained healthcare professionals, nurses, and aspiring Clinical Research Coordinators, along with college students and fresh graduates in a science field, are encouraged to apply.

Our registration is open year-round

CRC Advanced Course

This course equips students with advanced professional clinical research skills and practical strategies to applicate in their work sites.

CRC Advanced Course has been designed keeping in mind the essential skills, job criteria, and industry expectations for the positions of Clinical Research Coordinator and the critical role in the conduct of clinical trials.

This course provides students with exposure to actual trial situations with the Sponsors, PIs, CRAs, other clinical research professionals, and participants. Foreign-trained healthcare professions and students who have completed CRC Beginner Course are encouraged to apply.

The registration is open

Research Assistant Course

In this course, students will acquire the day-to-day skills and best practices of a Clinical Research professional to guide them as they step into the clinical research industry.

The RA course has been carefully framed explicitly to provide a solid foundation for your career in the clinical research industry. The course outline also includes various career coaching sessions to guide the students in the best way possible.

Healthcare professionals with overseas diplomas & certifications, CMAs, RMAs, CNAs, phlebotomists who are willing to advance their careers, graduates from the allied health courses, and students in a science field are encouraged to apply.

Foreign-trained professionals are welcome

Medical Assistant Course

MA course is formulated to help students learn how to complete daily tasks and interact with doctors, nurses, and patients.

The course outline includes all the necessary administrative and clinical skills and training required to ensure that the office runs smoothly.

Graduates from foreign nursing & medical schools, CNAs, phlebotomists, lab technicians who are willing to advance their career, graduates from the allied health courses, and foreign healthcare professionals are encouraged to apply.

At ICRS medical assistants learn through the training and thorough understanding of the MA role in healthcare.

We offer


A Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Work Instructions (WI) is a set of consecutive instructions that must be followed to comply with industry rules, regulations, and guidance. SOPs and WIs help healthcare professionals to standardize best practices and keep procedures consistent.

 We can create efficient and professionally written SOPs and WI for your clinical organization.

Our specialists at ICRS can review your existing SOPs and WIs. They can provide feedback and revise your documents if needed.

Our goal is to help achieve uniformity and performance efficiency from all professionals at your organization.  Clear and informative SOPs and WIs will reduce miscommunication among staff and help avoid failure to comply with industry regulations.

Here at ICRS, we cannot stress enough the importance of Good Documentation Practices. ICRS will help you to keep your Regulatory Binder up to date and organize the content of the binder according to the FDA, GCP, and other regulations and guidelines.

 We can create the Study Related Documents for your research organization.

It could be challenging to stand out from your competitors when applying for a job. A quality resume may bring you one step closer to your dream job.

ICRS offers services for editing, revising, and professionally writing Curriculum Vitae (CV) that may potentially land you a job in the clinical industry. Our professionals will emphasize your professional values, talents, and qualities that employers are looking for in an ideal candidate.

Here at ICRS, we take pride in successfully training and coaching clinical research professionals on the job
interview process. When your career and a dream job are just an interview away it is extremely important to
know what to expect.
ICRS will help you to take this important step towards your dream job. Our professional instructors
conduct highly realistic mock interviews, provide you with helpful tips, and guide you throughout the way.
The mock process will help you avoid interview-related stress anxiety, and feedback from our
instructors will direct you towards the topics you need to concentrate on.

It is essential that the organization that conducts human subject research follows SOP, Federal, State, and Industry policies and regulations.

One way to ensure that the clinical trial process is reliable is to initiate an independent audit and/or inspection during the trial.

The clinical research team should be prepared for an audit at any time.  Our professional ICRS team provides an independent appraisal of the quality of the data and compliance with set rules and regulations.

ICRS specialists offer OSHA compliance inspection to CROs, medical offices, labs, private practices, and other healthcare professional settings as well.

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